caroline serradell

I started photography in high school after I fell in love with movies and pictures in film class. I begin to start taking pictures of the world around me and self portraits. It was the first time I used photography as a way to capture an emotion, a time in my life, usually sadness. I still do that to this day and it's the reason I still do photography ; a need to express the overwhelming flood of emotions.
 I attended photography school in Paris and graduated in 2019. During my studies, I worked on my portraits and started to learn how the connection with the model works and it was my favorite part about it, being able to share an intimate moment where the model gives me emotions and I do my best job to capture them.
  I am now a freelance photographer specialized in portraits fashion and beauty photography. As well as a professionnal retoucher. I am currently working on an exhibition of my current projects, questionning and celebrating the human body, and the place we all occupy. If you like my work you can follow it here and on my instagram page.
Caroline Serradell
Photo credit : Clément Roger

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